Something More Enduring (Ardennes Story)

In every country, in every culture, the land and it's inhabitants are constantly interacting and changing one another, leaving something behind in each. These photographs are an investigation into memory and identity as found in the artifacts and landscapes of the Ardennes Forest in eastern Belgium. They observe the observations of others in hopes of unearthing the memories of the land. I went in to the Ardennes with my mind full of war stories told about the Battle of the Bulge, an offensive mounted by the German army in the winter of 1944. It was the last gasp of an army that once ruled over Europe. Now the land seems to have forgotten about the bloody struggles of men and settled into a restful peace.

  •   Panopticon, Ardennes Forest, Triptych (Observation Blind #1, #2 & #3) 30” x 40” Digital C–print (each).
  •   Green Quartzite, Ardennes Forest. 40” x 30” Digital C–print.
  •   Map of Belgium #43/5-6, The English Bookshop, Gent. 40” x 30” Digital C–print.

This work was exhibited in Something More Enduring, a group installation featuring new work from Michael Abelman, Ilea Avalos, Alexandra Robinson and Glenn Twiggs. Ranging in medium, this collection of work presents a reevaluation and rediscovery of where we find ourselves. Through the inherent autobiographical qualities that present themselves in the act of translating and recording place, a new geography is created along with a hopeful affirmation.

Something More Enduring is a group installation at Flex Space, a Pump Project Satellite Gallery on view October 2013.